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Friday, September 30, 2011

Chapter Eleven: Alcheringa 2010

Lalbiakdiki, IV Semester
                                                                                                                             Dept. of English

As students of Mizoram University I guess we always had our moments at Alcheringa and likewise, it was a sparkling and memorable moment for all 22 students who participated in Alcheringa 2010 at IIT Guwahati. We had such a good time that whatever memories we had of it will always be a part of our memorable dreams. And yes of course, the name Alcheringa is taken from a native Australian language meaning Dreamtime, it was indeed a dream for us, only that it came out to be true and real.

It was on the 2nd February that we left Aizawl and finally reached Guwahati by noon of 3rd February. I recall the several number of times we stopped on the way, often for tea, lunch and dinner, at times lost, but mostly it was something to do with Rohminga and Tpa that made us wonder that perhaps we need to install toilets at the back of the bus or so… anyway, the bus ride was fun although it was cruelly cold at night, but for our respected Zara, he was still all-smiles in the morning. I don’t exactly know how he does that, perhaps someday time will tell us the secret of his happiness, and obviously it’s not Denrite. One thing that made the journey interesting was Goosh’s unique sms jokes, he would graciously share us jokes that everyone would feel quite at home. There were notably ten girls among us representing eight Departments, and the thought of that made me realized the unity of all the departments of MZU, that for everything we do, we’re all in it together – As One.

The second day i.e. 4th February was utilized to learn Cheraw and for most of us, it was our first time. However, thanks to our dear instructor Tpa who sweated out all the steps and moves and we girls were swaying to the drumbeats of Vavala. I know we were not the best Mizo dancers there were but for Team MZU we were the best. At nightfall, our band ‘Crucifix’ performed for Prelims, we were less, but we made the loudest crowd and one would be blind not to see Goosh’s special dance or rather head bang. Our band performed three songs and all were a hit, nevertheless it turned out it was not so much for the judges and that was the last of their performance.

On 5th February at 9am in the morning we performed Cheraw and it was an elegant display. With ‘Victory’ as our theme, the vibrant colours of our dress highlights the exotic display of the dance, and the crowd was lulled with awe. Our team also performed a freestyle group dance starring Hmingchhuangi at the front, it made quite an appreciating gossip within the campus. The rest of the day was utilized to practice for the Hot Couture. Eight of us participated under the supervision of Master Mawia. This guy taught us to step on our heels and walk as what seems like a catwalk. It was amazing how one day could be so short at the campus, time flies, each one of us were busy in our own ways and it was evident that we all gave our very best in whatever we are in. At night we dress up with all scarfs and grace and hang out at the stalls and had noodles and coffee and with that the fourth day was well spent.

The fifth day i.e. 6th February greeted us with the first round of Hot Couture. The show was awesome and we had a blast and to top it all up, we were among the selected top five. And so the day commenced with us practicing for the Grand Finale. At the same time, we had news that Rebecca grabbed the third prize in Solo, and the team duel Sangtea and Rosy stood first at the ‘Amazing Race’. I assumed they had their moments. It was a busy moment at night at the Girl’s Hostel and so was it too at the Boy’s Hostel. We girls were up late practicing for Theatrix for the next day and I was sure Chunga had a lot of thinking to do in order to mould a model of ‘Saphai’ for Theatrix.

The final day i.e. 7th February started for us as early as 9am in the morning where we displayed “Liandova and Tuaisiala”. The play was unique, richly traditional and the whole cultural ethos was much appreciated by everyone. I bet Aboihi and Jacqueline made the best Liandova and Tuaisiala, if not Zuia for his unique ‘Hlado’. The final event of ‘Hot Couture’ required a lot of rushing, twisting, spraying etc. It seemed as if accessories, combs, powders, tissues were flown from end to end. It was total chaos at the greenroom but Wallah!!! It was total hit on the ramp. That night was well spent at the campus enjoying ourselves and having the last of fun. On the next day i.e. 8th February, we left IIT Guwahati early at 6am in the morning. Our journey home was rather quiet and involved a lot of sleeping. It was on that faithful day of 9th February that we safely reached Aizawl. And on arriving the city we bowed together to our last Prayer like we had done every night in our respective hostels.

Overall, our Dreamtime at Alcheringa was a refreshing experience. Although our team did not win big stuffs, nevertheless we sure win each other’s friendship, after all we were Team MZU and we were proud of it. The success of the trip lies not on the size of the trophy, even if there were no trophy or badges, its true success lies in our hearts, the experience, the exposure, the friendship that comes with it. And so I conclude this brief account of Alcheringa 2010, and dedicating this to all my new found friends – Hail! Team MZU! We’ve done our best!!!

 Dreams can often become challenging, but challenges are what we live for - Travis White.

(This article was written on March 2010, recounting the wonderful experience the MZU Team had at Alcheringa 2010 at Guwahati, the article was published the in the same month on MZU Newsletter and later published at Lunglohtui: The Annual Magazine 2010, MZU.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chapter Ten: Pathian Hnaih Rawh U

(Jakoba 4:8)
Bd Chawngthu
 Bible Chang chhiartur:
Jakoba 4:8 - Pathian hnaih rawh u, tichuan anin a hnaih ang che u.
Sam 73:28 - Kei atan erawh zawng Pathian hnaih hi a tha a ni.

Jakoba 4:8-a “Pathian hnaih” tih hi Hebrai tawng chuan “qirabat Elohim” tih a ni a. Chumi awmzia chu “Pathian pan” emaw “hmachhawn” emaw tihna a ni. Elohim tih hi Hebrai Bible-ah chuan “Israel te Pathian” sawi nana hman a ni. Qirabat tih thumal hian awmzia hrang hrang a nei thei ang a, mi thusawi hre tura mi kan va hnaihte, inkawmna ril zawk nei tura hnaihte, kan mi ngaihnat zawng tak hnaihte a kawk thei ang. Amaherawh chu he Bible changin ‘hnaih’ a tih dan hi chu Pathian hnena intukluhna, rinna nena Pathian tanpuina beisei a, Amah va pan, hnaih/hmachhawn tih a kawk thei awm e.

I.                    Pathian hnaih rawh u, tichuan anin a hnaih ang che u.

·         Ringtu nunah hian Pathian hnaih hi a pawimawh em em a. Engkimah Kristiante tan chuan Pathian hnaih hi kan tih makmawh a ni. “Pathian hnaih rawh u, tichuan Anin a hnaih ang che u” (Jakoba 4:8) kan Bible in min ti a. Chuvangin, Pathian hnaihtute chu Amah vekin a hnaih thin a ni.

·         Bible kan chhiar chian chuan, Pathian hian Amah pantute hi a hnaih a, a hnar ngai lo tih kan hre thei awm e. Thuthlung Tharah Isua chanchin kan chhiar chuan, amah hnaihtu damlo tam tak, mitdel, kebai, phar leh mitthi thleng pawhin a tidamin a kaitho a nih kha. Amah hmu tura naupang te te lo kalte pawh mal a sawm a, tin hmeichhe thi put pawh a tidam a. Chuvangin, Pathian hnaihtute reng reng beidawngin a awm tir ngai lo tih kan hre thei awm e. Chuti anih si chuan, keini ringtu, chaklo tak leh khawvela harsatna hrang hrang in a tihbuai fote tan hian Pathian hnaih chu a va thain a va hahdamthlak dawn em!

·         Bible chuan, “LALPA chuan a kotu zawng zawngte chu a hnaih thin a. Tih tak zeta amah kotu zawng zawngte chu. Amah tih tute duh chu a hlawhtlintir ang a; an au thawm a hria ang a, anni chu a chhandam ang,” (Sâm 145:18, 19) tiin a sawi a. Chu mi awmzia chu han ngaihtuah chiang teh, Engkim siamtu Pa Pathian chu a hnai reng a, ‘tih tak zeta amah kan koh’ chuan kan au thawm a hre dawn a ni. Pathian in Amah hnaih thei tura mihringte duhthlanna min pe hi chanvo ropui tak a va tling em.

II.                  Engvangin nge Pathian kan hnaih ang?

·         Pathian hnaih hi thlamuanna ani. Sakhaw dangin an neih theih reng reng loh, Pathian thlamuana kan chang hi, Kristiante kan vanneih bik em em na chu a ni. Kolossa 1:13-ah chuan “Ani chuan thim thuneihna laka min chhan chhuakin, a Fapa hmangaih taka ramah chuan min kaitir ta a” tiin a ziak a, Pathian hnaih reng mi tan chuan he khawvelah chuan hlauh tur engmah a awm lo a, thihna meuh pawhin chu thlamuanna chu a hneh zo ngai lo. Milar tam tak chanchin han chhui ila; an thih dawn meuh chuan Pathian hnaih an duh leh thin a, Pathian an lo hawisannaahte an inchhir thin em em ani. A ni reng a, he khawvela thil mawi leh tha tam takte hi Pathian min chenchilhna duhawm tak nen hi chuan khaikhin zawh rual a ni lo. Matthaia 16:26-ah chuan, “Miin khawvel hi a pumin nei sela, a nun chan si sela, a tan engnge sawt ang?” tiin zawhna dengkhawng tak min zawt a. Khawvel lawng lian leh hmingthang “pathian meuh pawhin a ti pil zo lo ang” tia an lo chapo pui em em Titanic Lawng pawh kha, a pil dawn meuh chuan mipui an chiai nasa. Mahse chu chiai karah chuan thlamuang taka zai ri a awm tlat mai. Chu hla chuan, “I lamah min hip rawh, aw ka Pathian, Kraws hrehawm pu pawhin ka lo hnai ang; Ka hla sak zawngah hian, I lam hnaih ka dil ang, I lamah min hip rawh, Lalpa Pathian” tiin an hun tawp chu thlamuang takin an hmang liam ani. Pathian hnaih hi a va han thlamuanthlak tak em!

·         Kan Bible-ah chuan, “Pathian hnaih rawh u, tichuan Anin a hnaih ang che u,” a ti a. Pathian hnaih ni tur chuan keimahni hian kan hnaih phawt a ngai a ni. Ran pawh a huanga a awm loh chuan sa in a seh thin ang hian, keini pawh Pathian huang chhunga kan awm loh chuan kan boral thin. Chuvang chuan kan boral loh nan Pathian hnaih hi a tul a ni. Pathian chu kan hnaih zawh poh leh, min pawlna chu kan hrechiang dawn a ni. Chuvangin, Pathian nena inbe pha renga awmin, A nunin a uap phakloh va hlaah i awm lo ang u. “Pathian chu kan inhumhimna leh kan chakna, Mangan laia tanpui vartu hnai reng a ni” si a. (Sam 46:1)

·         Tunlaiah kan thalaipui te, khawvel par tlana Pathian hlat hote tawpna chu thihna a ni fo. Himna tluangtling pe thei silo kawng zawhin, tha leh nuam an tih lam zawhin an tlan dual dual a, amaherawhchu a tawpah chuan rilru hah leh beidawn avangin mahni nun an titawp chawk thin. Kan Bible pawhin, “Sual chuan no a pai a, sual a hring thin a; tin, sual chuan a lo puitlinin thihna a hring thin” (Jakoba 2:17) a ti reng a. Chuvangin, thihna ruama kan pilbo loh nan Pathian hnaih hi Kristiante tihtur a ni.

·         Engvangin nge Pathian kan hnaih ang? Pathian Chhandamna kan chan theihna kawng a nih vang a ni. Mihringte chuan kan hun leh nite kan hre si lo a. Jakoba 4:17-ah chuan “Naktukah chuan engnge lo awm dawn in hre si lo. In nunna chu engnge ni? Chhum rei lo te lo lang a, ral leh ta mai thian ang hi in ni si a,” a ti a. Chuvangin, mitin hian engtik ni ah emaw chuan kan thi dawn tih kan hria, mahse kan thih hun tur tuman kan hre lo. Chuvangin, kan Lalpa tawk tur hian engtiklai pawha in peih a, Pathian hnaih hi a tul a ni. “Thih thlengin rinawmin lo awm rawh, tichuan nunna Lallukhum ka pe ang che” (Thupuan 2:10) min titu Pathian hi engtik lai pawha kan hnaih a tul a ni. Amah ngeiin,  Keimah hi kawng leh thutak leh nunna ka ni; keimaha kal lo chu tumah Pa hnênah an thleng ngai lo,” (Johana 14:6)  tiin a sawi a, chuvangin Pathian chhandam ni tur leh a angchhunga cheng ve tur chuan Pathian kan hnaih hi a ngai a ni. “Isu, kraws mi hnaihtir rawh, Tuikhur hlu awmna kha; Damna tui mi tin chhuahna, Kalvari-a luang kha” tiin Pathian i hnaih theuh ang u.

III.                Engtin nge Pathian kan hnaih ang?

·         Pathian kan hnaih theih dan hmasa ber chu Tawngtaina hi a ni a. Mahni inhlana Pathian hmaa nitin thingthi thin mi chuan Pathian a hlat ngai lo. Pathianin chutiang mite chu a hnaih mai ni lovin, a chenchilh tlat a, a thlahthlam ngai lo a ni. Tawngtaina hman dan hrang hrang a awm a, chung zingah chuan Fianrial tawngtaina neih hi kan tih makmawh ani. Pathian hnenah kan nun chhungril ber phawrh a, impumpek na tak tak nen tawngtai hian Pathian min hnaih tir a, kan rinna te a tichak a, kan thlarau nun a chawm nung thin a ni. Tawngtai hian hun bik a nei lo a, kan thiltih engah pawh, eng hunah pawh, khawihmunah pawh Pathian hnaihin kan tawngtai thin tur a ni.

·         Pathian kan hnaih theih dan leh chu Bible chhiar hi a ni. Pathian Lehkhabu hi a thianghlim a, thil a tithei a. Kristiante zinkawnga kan thiantha ber a ni. Bible hi kan nun kaihhruaitu, min fuihtu, kawng dik leh diklo min hriattirtu leh Van kalna kawng min hrilhtu a ni. “Aw Baibul, aw Baibul, Ka ngai ka thlahlel em e; Aw Baibul, aw Baibul, Pathian Lehkhabu hi” tia naupang te te in hlaa an lo sak angin, keini pawh hian Pathian kan hnaih deuh deuh thei nan Bible hi i ngaina ang u.

·         Pathian Biakina kal leh a mite inpawlkhawmna a tel hian Pathian min hnaihtir thin. Pathian Biak Ina kal fote chu Pathian in a hlat ngai lova, Pathian pawhin a chenchilh tlat thin. Chu chenchilhna leh thlamuana chu chang ve tur chuan A biakbuk thianghlima a  mite inpawlkhawmnaa tel chu kan tih tur a ni. “Pathian te chu ka ring ve tho, Inkhawm khawm a ngai lo, inah kan tawngtai ve thei tho” kan ti pawh a ni maithei, amaherawhchu kan Bible chuan, “Rinna chu thltih nei lovin amah chauhvin a awm chuan thi a ni” (Jakoba 2:17) a ti a. Eng anga rinna chak pawh nei ila, a Biakbuk thleng phalo rinna kan neih chhung chuan, kan thlarau nun chu a thi thuai ang. Chuvangin, Pathian hnaih tlak rinna nung nei tur chuan ke kan pen chhuah thin a ngai a ni. Fa in Pa a ngaina a, a bula a awm reng duh ang hian, keini pawhin kan Pa duhtak hi kan hnaih tur a ni. Lal Isua naupanglai pawn Bible-ah kan hmuh kha, an zawng an zawng a, anni erawh chuan, “Engah nge min zawn, ka Pa ina in awm tur in hre lo vem ni?” (Luka 2:49) tiin a lo chhang a nih kha. Pathian Biakin thianghlim hi i ngaina ang u.

·         Ring taka Pathian fakna hla sa thin mite hian Pathian an hnaih fo thin. Hla hian thil a ti thei a, mihring tawngkam in a hrilhfiah zawhlohte hi hla in ril takin a hril chhuak fo thin. Chuvangin, Pathian fakna hla sa a, ring tak leh hlim taka zai thin te hi Pathian in a pawl nasa a, a hnaih thin a ni. Chu chanvo nei ve tur chuan mi bik, thiam bik nih a ngai lo a, kan theihtawpa min Siamtu hre reng chunga fak hla sak mai hi a tawk a ni. Kohhran Inkhawm mipui zaite, zaipawlte, mimal zaite, group singing-te, Pathian hnaih ni tura hmanraw pawimawh vek an ni.

·         Pathian kan hnaih dawn chuan taksa, thlarau leh rilru a kan invawn thianghlim a ngai a ni. Kan biak Pathian hi a thianghlim angin, kan taksa pawh hi ruihtheih thil, zuk leh hmuam lakah kan vawng thianghlim tur a ni. Kan ngaihtuahnate hi thil bawlhhlawh leh tlaktlailo lakah kan venghim tur a ni a, inngaitlawm leh hmangaihna leh diknaa kan rilru puthmang siam kan tum tlat tur a ni. Tin, kan thlarau nun pawh Pathian hnaih tlak ni turin kan inhawng tur a ni. Taksa, thlarau leh rilru thianghlim taka Pathian kan hnaih chuan, Ani pawhin min hnaih dawn a lo ni.

Kan nitin nunah hian Pathian kan beisei tur a ni a. Khawvel thim zinga kan pil bo loh nan kan nitin nunah Pathian kan hnaih deuh deuh tur a ni. Pathian hnaih hi a hlawkthlaka; thlamuanna te, chhandamna te, hlimna te, chatuan nunna leh lallukhum te kan ta a ni dawn si a. Sam ziaktu pawhin, “Kei atan erawh zawng Pathian hnaih hi a tha a ni: Lalpa PATHIAN chu ka inhumhimnaah ka hmang a, I hnathawh zawng zawng thu chu ka hrilh theih nan” (Sam 73:28) a tih kha. Pathian hian Amah hnaih turin duhthlanna min pe a, chu chanvo chu hlen ngei turin kan taksa, rilru leh thinlung Ama lamah hawng ila; tawngtai, inkhawm leh Amah fak chung zelin kan Pathian hi i hnaih ang u.

(This sermon is my very first submitted for Khatla KTP Group Intihsiak 2011, and amazingly won First Prize. The sermon was read out by me at KTP Fellowship on 5th September 2011 and published on "Youth Life" Sept 2011, a newsletter circulated within the Khatla community and its missionaries. )

Chapter Nine: Class of 2010

The English Dept, MA, MZU 2009-10

It’s a fortunate jumble, or say
An unfortunate blessing
That a class should correspond to such a mixture
Of boys and girls, coy and frenzy,
Tall and short, thin and stout,
Mild and bold, fair and dark
And yet in all – a uniqueness and a similarity.
It is our difference that makes us similar
As our similarity marks our difference.
We learn of the world and of literature,
Of history, love and life.
We learn of the Past, and interpret in the Present
That we may apply to our own Futures.
We are not the best, we know
But we give effort our very best.
Together we all strive along,
To excel life the best way we know.
Not one of us is a genius,
But a helping friend prevents a fool.
Thus we make ourselves complete
By recreating each other’s world
Inside a room where we call our very own,
Where pain finds solace in a friend’s heart,
Where worries turn into laughter,
Where hunger seeks its fill
And where innocence synchronizes with wisdom.
With chatters and John’s stupid riddles,
With sleepy heads drooping between lectures,
With motivating advice, perhaps scolding?
This class is one of a kind – A Happy Whole!!
And at the end of the day, one couldn’t be happier
To call themselves among “The Legendary Class of 2010”

(A very childish play of words here describing the lively class of 2009-10 MA students of MZU, I apologize for the immaturity of the words used but i do hope these lines live on to recount the wonderful experience i had in my stay in the institution.)